Hyundai Premieres 5 Super Bowl Commercials

February 28th, 2013 by

I don’t know about you, but there are quite a few people, myself included, who have a bit more interest in what’s going on between the plays than what’s on the field in the Super Bowl. It’s not that I don’t find football to be fun and exciting, just that so much effort is put into making the commercials entertaining too.

This is the sixth straight year that Hyundai will be advertising during the game, and if the past is any indication, they’re going to make quite the splash.

Among the commercials that Hyundai will be showing, four of them are brand new for the Super Bowl, while the last one, called “Don’t Tell,” celebrates family time in the car and is set to air during the pre-game show.

The four new commercials mostly focus on the Santa Fe, and include

  • Epic PlayDate– Airing during the pre-kick promotional section, this 60-second spot starts off the new commercials as family and friends pack into the Santa Fe for fun.
  • Team- Set to run in the first quarter, this 30-second commercial is a miniature homage to the action movie genre, following a boy as he dreams of taking on his bullies. His dream becomes a reality when he and his mom use the Santa Fe to recruit his friends for help.
  • Stuck- Few things are more classic than the American road trip, and this 30-second commercial, set to air during the second quarter, follows a couple as they get suck behind unexpected things in the road, with the Sonata Turbo letting them bypass trouble with ease.
  • Excited- Gus Johnson, the famous racing sportscaster, guest stars in this highlight of the Genesis R-Spec as it races around the track thanks to its 429-hp engine.

Although it airs during the pre-game show, Excited certainly seems like a perfect note for us to end on, as just the descriptions of these commercials have me excited to see them. To learn more about the vehicles advertised, from the Santa Fe to the Sonata Turbo to the Genesis R-Spec, contact Family Hyundai today; one of our sales experts will be glad to go over any or all of the vehicles with you.

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