Nurburgring to Host New Hyundai Test Facility

February 21st, 2013 by

Nürburgring race track

There aren’t many things that get the team at a car dealership more excited than the prospect of new vehicles, and that’s typically what the announcement of a new test

center entails. Hyundai just recently announced that they would be constructing a new testing facility in the Nurburgring.

If you guessed that that was somewhere in Germany, you’d be correct. The Nurburgring is a special motorsports complex built around the German city of Nurburg (hence the name), featuring tracks from the 1984 Grand Prix and the 1920s-era “Northern loop,” with the latter often thought of as the most demanding racing circuit in the world. What better place to test out new cars, right?

Hyundai is planning to invest over $7 million into the facility, transferring engineers from their current Russelheim R&D facility so that they might better focus on testing handling and ride performance of their vehicles, two traits highly valued in the European market.

Don’t think that any testing or advancements made in the Nurburgring facility won’t make their way over to the States, however. The European market is likely to serve more as a guinea pig for new technology before it’s on the streets here. After all, many of our definitions of automobile class, luxury, and overall automotive performance come from a handful of European aesthetics that had been repurposed for American drivers.

Also, I wouldn’t be too surprised if this means that Hyundai’s performance-grade autos become even more viable contenders in the sports car market, considering the environment they’ll be growing up in.

Only time will tell on what changes this will bring to the Hyundai lineup, but one thing is for certain: I know I’m pretty excited for what such a large investment in a testing facility can bring to the brand.

If you’ve got any questions on just what’s going to be going on at the Nurburgring facility or what it could mean for your next Hyundai, don’t hesitate to contact us. Remember, we love cars like it’s our job here at Family Hyundai, and we are always happy to chat with you about what this amazing automaker has to offer.

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